Meet Our Practitioners

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Alexandra Blydenburgh MSACN

Clinical Nutritionist

Alexandra Blydenburgh MS, CN

Clinical Nutritionist

Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

Alexandra Blydenburgh 

Founder Of Wellness Done Naturally

Clinical Nutritionist


Alexandra has always had a passion for healthcare. When she learned she could help people through nutrition, she was convinced this was her calling. After she received her Bachelor’s Degree of Science and Nutrition from Long Island University, she decided to use her knowledge in the best of ways. She herself struggled with health issues, and began a nutrition program using muscle testing, in order to regain control of her health. As soon as she started seeing results, she knew that her next step was to pursue the muscle testing technique.

Once she received her certification, she began to use muscle testing, whole food supplements, and diet changes to turn her own patients health around. Alexandra utilizes the best of whole food nutrition,whole food organic supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies and essential oils to get a body to optimum health.


Alexandra also completed her Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition with honors from New York Chiropractic College and is committed to furthering her education through constant research and study. She currently teaches biology at Farmingdale State College.

Alexandra has committed her life to helping her patients get well through her total health restoration program. She believes in treating the underlying cause of the problem, rather than chasing symptoms. Alexandra truly thinks that food education, lifestyle change and the addition of nutritional supplements can restore almost any persons health.

Dr. Marlene Povilaskaus DPT,CWC

Doctor of Physical Therapy,

Health  and Wellness Coach

Marlene Povilauskas

Physical Therapist, Wellness & Health Coach, Clinical Educator


Marlene started her journey by embracing her own health issues and finding the source of them was poor nutrition. She realized that nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle is the only true way to health. She had always had a passion for people which is why she became a Doctor of Physical Therapy in her twenties. Once she herself felt changes through nutrition and various muscle testing techniques, she decided that was where her passion would lead her. She then received advanced training in diabetes, became a certified wellness coach and served as a certified clinical instructor. 

Marlene then received her certification in Nutrition Response Testing in Clearwater, Florida. She also has attended various Morphogenic Field Technique courses as well as continuing education courses for physical therapy, nutrition and wellness. She greatly appreciates different ways to analyze and restore a persons health.


Marlene is passionate about seeing others get well through natural measures and is committed to helping her patients get their health back. With 20 years of working in healthcare, she brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and dedication to her patients. 

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Angelique Marzigliano MS, CNS

Certified Nutrition Specialist


Angelique Marzigliano

Certified Nutrition Specialist

Clinical Nutritionist


Angelique has been a healthcare enthusiast since she started college. Always an advocate for mindfulness and nutrition, she eventually realized nutritional counseling was her calling. She began her educational journey at St. Joseph's College majoring in pre-med and quickly realized she had a very different thought process than her peers. She was more focused on finding a natural way of treatment for common diseases and even did her senior thesis on utilizing a vitamin E derivative for cancer treatment.


After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Biology, she began to explore more information about the field of nutrition through an introductory nutrition course at Nassau Community College. It was there that she fell in love with a natural way of healing and attended a Nutrition Symposium, which exposed her to her future professors at New York Chiropractic College and their inspiring viewpoints. She applied and started classes the following fall and realized she had found what she had been searching for her whole college career; a place she felt comfortable and confident.


She went on to complete her Master's in Applied Clinical Nutrition at New York Chiropractic College. She plans on becoming a board certified Nutrition Specialist and is dedicated to improving the lives of others through nutritional counseling and lifestyle modification. She became certified in Nutrition Response  Testing in September 2018.

Ariana Golub NTP, RWP

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner


Samantha Prashad  Future ACTCM

Doctor of Acupuncture and
Traditional Chinese Medicine


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DeAnna Dougherty BS, CN

Clinical Nutritionist


DeAnna Dougherty

Clinical Nutritionist 


DeAnna always knew she would enter the healthcare field due to her past health issues as well as other family member’s health issues. She began to learn the importance of how our diet affects our health and decided to pursue the nutrition field.  She wanted to help herself and her family member’s in some way, so she enrolled in a nutrition class.  It was after a few nutrition classes that she realized she found her future career. The following semester DeAnna enrolled in the Dietetic Technician Program at Suffolk County Community College. The diet tech program gave her many opportunities in field experience such as in hospitals and community agencies throughout Suffolk County. With each class, DeAnna realized she made the best decision for herself.  

After completing her associates degree in Applied Sciences DeAnna transferred to Queens College to continue her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.  Once she received her bachelor's, DeAnna searched for internships and job opportunities where she would learn more natural ways of healing clients.  She then interned at Wellness Done Naturally and was introduced to alternative medicine. DeAnna realized her passion was to help people understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. She knew that nutritional counseling is what would help promote health and wellness in the lives of others.  At Wellness Done Naturally she learned  of Morphogenic Field Technique, and how it can take a person’s health to the next level.  She then pursued a course in Morphogenic Field Technique and is now certified.

DeAnna’s future goal is to complete her Master’s in Applied Clinical Nutrition at Northeast College of Health Sciences and plans on becoming a board certified Nutrition Specialist.  DeAnna believes genetics and our environment has a big impact on our health and that food is medicine. She gets excited when she gets to educate others on the power of food and nutrition and how the body can heal itself naturally.