What kind of foods help with concentration?

One of my first posts is a question I received in my inbox about how to boost concentration through food. Great Question! "Hi alex. I'm actually messaging because I have a quick nutrition question. I've looked up stuff online, but there just a lot of info and it can be overwhelming. I was wondering if you know of any healthy foods that are good for concentration. I would appreciate it deeply." S.G. Sure! I understand it can be very overwhelming and a lot of information out there probably isn't true. I would say the answer to your question is different for everyone, because everyone's body is different. BUT my best guess would be food that is whole and full of good fat. A lot of the times were eating a lot of carbohydrates or refined sugars and our body needs more fat for energy. When we eat carbs our blood sugar spikes and drops, we get agitated, can't concentrate, are hungry very quickly... So I would say go for foods with fat and protein. Full fat yogurts, nuts and nut butters, avocado, add olive oil to your veggies, cheese etc.. Blueberries also help with concentration. A great snack would be a handful of blueberries with some peanut butter. As for foods more nutrient dense foods, fish is a great example, it's rich in omega 3s which most people are missing, again omega 3s are fat! Moral of the story, add as many good whole foods that are nutrient filled to boost your brain power.


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